Registration form for the publication of articles in the "Kazan Science" journal

1. Name, surname, patronymic (if several, indicate all), academic degree (if present):___________________________________________;

2. University:_________________________________________;

3. Post address (including postcode for a proper delivery of the journal), phone number, email:
Contact phone number:_________________________________;
Contact email:_______________________________________;

4. Section title (indicate a specialty code,
ex: 5.9.3. Literary Theory (Philological): _____________________;

5. The topic of the article:________________________________;

6. Reviewer (name, academic degree, position, place of work, contact phone number):___________________________________________;

I confirm the processing of my personal data for the purpose of its publication in the “Kazan Science” journal and sending the journal to my address.

Date: _________ «___», 20__ г.

Download the registration form in MS-Word format.