The journal is included in the list of Russian HAC (VAK).

“Kazan Science” digest accepts articles on the following branches of science:

Article Scientific specialties and corresponding branches of science
5.9.1. Russian Literature and Literature of the Peoples of the Russian Federation (Philological)
5.9.2. Literature of the peoples of the world (Philological)
5.9.3. Literary Theory (Philological)
5.9.4. Folkloristics (Philological)
5.9.5. Russian language. Languages of the peoples of Russia (Philological)
5.9.6. Languages of peoples of foreign countries (indicating a specific language or group of languages) (Philological)
5.9.8. Theoretical, Applied and Comparative Linguistics (Philological)
5.9.9. Media communications and journalism (Philological)